The Idea
While critiquing the app, I realized Yelp needs a design refresh. While some hints of a shift towards a more visual experiences were seen, a lot of the elements seemed dated, redundant, and cluttered.
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Key Considerations
- Following iOS8 design guidelines
- Enhanced visual experience
- Declutter

Making the Pieces Fit

The idea was to retain the features of the product that make it so successful. Redesigning the app meant dissecting everything on each screen, and putting it back together in a way that enhances the product and visual experience.


Existing Yelp iOS App



Nearby Screen


The Nearby screen, also the landing page of the app had the signs of a great idea - a more visual experience, but it was lost with inconsistent, somewhat dated elements, and a glaring waste of space with several categories in a list style and unnecessary captions


Search Screen


The Search screen was where all the inconsistencies and iOS6-like elements started to surface. A text heavy list view with smaller images can easily be replaced with a card approach, similar and consistent to that of the Nearby Page. The map view could be made easily accessible.


Business Page


The Business Page often the end-goal of most interactions with the Yelp app. This screen, again, saw a list of categories taking up too much valuable whitepsace. This screen also saw redundant options of adding reviews, photos, and checking-in, to which, an easier, more global solution needed to be introduced.